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Tiger Fight, October 19, under the leadership of Chelsea coach Frank Lampard, the team has not tasted the taste of not conceding two consecutive games in the Premier League. In the weekend's game, the Blues squandered their two-goal lead, Werner's brilliant goal, and Haverts' first goal in the second half allowed them to regain the lead.

老虎战斗,10月19日,在切尔西教练弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)的带领下,球队没有尝到不屈服于英超联赛连续两场比赛的滋味。在周末的比赛中,蓝军浪费了他们的两球领先优势,维尔纳的辉煌进球,而哈弗特斯下半场的第一个进球让他们重新获得了领先。

All the goals scored by the Saints Southampton, including those of Ince, Adams and Westco, are all due to the errors of Chelsea players. In the column of the Daily Telegraph reporter Matt Law, he assessed the problems of Chelsea’s defense and who should bear the responsibility for the Lampard team, because the schedule is not waiting, they will be in the Champions League group on Tuesday night. Match against Seville.

圣徒南安普敦队进球的所有进球,包括因斯,亚当斯和韦斯科的进球,都是由于切尔西球员的失误。在《每日电讯报》记者马特·劳(Matt Law)的专栏中,他评估了切尔西的防守问题,谁应该为兰帕德队承担责任,因为赛程不等,他们将在周二晚上进入欧冠小组。与塞维利亚比赛。

The Saints’ second goal was scored by Che Adams, and when Kepa received most of the accusations, in fact, Zuma should assume greater responsibility. In this lost ball situation, it was Zuma who sold Kepa cleanly, but the Spaniard could obviously handle it better when he was in trouble.

圣徒队的第二个进球是切·亚当斯(Che Adams)攻入的,当凯帕(Kepa)收到大部分指控时,事实上,祖马应该承担更大的责任。在这种丢球的情况下,祖马干净利落地卖掉了凯帕,但是当他遇到麻烦时,西班牙人显然可以更好地应对。

Kepa returned to the starting line because of the injury of Edward Mendy. Lampard must make an immediate decision whether to continue to start Kepa against Sevilla or switch to Cavalero because of Mendy. Still unable to play. After the game, Lampard spotted Kepa and made several wonderful saves, saving Adams and Ince’s shots, and Chelsea’s first and third goals could not be blamed on Kepa. One is because of Haverts' personal error, and the other is the problem of Walcott and Westergau being completely empty.


Thiago Silva has returned from the national team, which means that Lampard cannot use the guard combination of the opponents in the game against Crystal Palace. Antonio Rudiger was once again excluded from the lineup, which shows that Lampard believes in Zuma and Christensen more, while Tomori is sitting on the bench. Although Zuma's speed and physical fitness can be well matched with Christensen's characteristics, this pair of partners is very fragile, and they are all prone to unexpected situations.

蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)从国家队归来,这意味着兰帕德无法在对阵水晶宫的比赛中使用对手的后卫组合。安东尼奥·鲁迪格(Antonio Rudiger)再次被排除在阵容之外,这表明兰帕德(Lampard)更相信祖玛(Zuma)和克里斯滕森(Christensen),而汤森(Tomori)坐在亚搏游戏app官网登录板凳上。尽管祖玛的速度和身体素质可以很好地与克里斯滕森的特征相匹配,但这对伴侣却非常脆弱,他们都容易发生意料之外的情况。

Silva should definitely return in the game against Sevilla, and Lampard needs this 36-year-old veteran to be the defensive pinnacle. "When the situation of the game is not good for you, you must have players on the court to stabilize the army." Lampard said, "This is also part of the quality of being a top player at Chelsea and our goal. This is definitely a player. Personal choice, if we have to go through such a game, then they have to do it on the court."

席尔瓦肯定应该在对塞维利亚的比赛中重返赛场,而兰帕德需要亚搏app外围这位36岁的老将成为防守巅峰。 “当比赛情况对您不利时,您必须在场上让球员稳定军队。”兰帕德说:“这也是成为切尔西顶级球员和目标的品质的一部分。这绝对是一名球员。个人选择,如果我们必须经历这样的比赛,那么他们必须在球场上做到这一点。 。”

In short, the answer is definitely no. Before the end of the first half, Chelsea paid tuition fees for Haverts' lack of experience. In the face of holding the ball, he messed up his position and the opponent Saints took advantage of this opportunity. In the disappointing second half, both Jorginho and Kanter seemed too isolated and helpless. They fell into the strangulation of the Saints in midfield, and their higher stance also left the guards alone.


There is often too much space between Chelsea's four defenders and midfield. This may be why Lampard wants to sign Rice or Thomas, but the latter has already joined Arsenal. Jorginho’s passing is very good, and Kanter’s vitality is second to none, but like Zuma + Christensen can’t be 1+1 greater than 2, the Italians and French did not inspire the hottest. spark.

切尔西的四名后卫和中场之间通常空间太大。这可能就是为什么兰帕德想要签下赖斯或托马斯,但后者已经加入阿森纳的原因。豪尔吉尼奥(Jorginho)的传球非常出色,坎特(Kanter)的生命力是首屈一指的,但是就像祖玛+克里斯滕森(Zuma + Christensen)不能比2大1 + 1一样,意大利人亚搏app外围和法国人并没有激发出最热的力量。火花。

Lampard is not the only coach who saw his team be bombarded this season. Guardiola’s Manchester City was blasted by Leicester City and scored 5 goals. Klopp亚搏app外围’s Liverpool was even more affected by Aston Villa. Crazy scored 7 goals. Both coaches need time to find the right path before winning the trophy at their respective clubs, and Lampard knows he still has a lot of work to do.


In the subsequent transfer window, Lampard will focus on the introduction of a defensive midfielder and a central defender, which also highlights the fact that Chelsea's lineup still has many shortcomings. But before signings arrive, he must find a solution, which may mean a more conservative style of play.






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